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Engine - 3 Effects

Impulse offers three engine sizes to best suit your needs. Impulse offers offers an integrated package with battery and motor. Our motors must be used with Impulse battery:

full motor 3.PNG

Impulse 4

This is our smallest and most affordable engine

Power 2.8 kw / 60 A

Equivalent to a 3 - 5

HK petrol

Weight 17 kg

Price 17,000 incl VAT

full motor 3.PNG

Impulse 6

This is our bestseller - enough power for most people

Power 4.3 kw / 90 A

Equivalent to a 5 - 7

HK petrol

Weight 18.5 kg

Price 20,000 incl VAT

full motor 3.PNG

Impulse 10

Full power for those who need it

Power 6.5 kw / 130 A

Equivalent to an 8 - 10

HK petrol

Weight 22 kg

Price 25,000 incl


3 kw / h state of the art NMC 48 V battery


Low weight built in aluminum and plastic - 15 kg


Waterproof - IP 67

It is important to think about speed adjustment and how this affects range. A battery of 3 kw / h will run for an hour if it is run with 3 kw power from the engine. Ie half power on an Impulse 6 (but not necessarily half speed). Here we recommend using our app and finding sweet spot. Our experience is that a 3 kw / h package lasts longer than you think in practice use, it is rarely run at full power. If, on the other hand, you want to have full power over time on an Impulse 10, we recommend two batteries and our specially developed cable to connect these - a battery delivers 90 A continuously (ie 70% of maximum power on an Impulse 10 - two batteries will each deliver 65 A at maximum power in an Impulse 10).

Capture 4.JPG

Price 25,000 incl VAT *

3000 Wh
120 A
100 A
90 A
60 A
40 A
0 ° C
40 ° C
40 ° C-60 ° C (ST, <5 day)

10 ° C-40 ° C (LT, 8Y)
0 ° C-30 ° C (optimal)

45 V-58 V (standard OCV)
51 V-56 V (optimal)
≤ 80%
220 x 120 x 450 mm
Over 5,500 cycles
CAN Enabled
Fuse protection
SOC output

15 kg

Max. CV

Max. DV

Capacity @ 0.5C / 0.5C

Capacity @ 1.0C / 1.0C

Nominal energy content:

Max. DC: (10s)

Max. DC: (30s)

Con. DC: (100-20% SOC)

Max. CC: (10s)

Max. CC: (30s)

My. OP:

Max. OT:

Battery storage temp:



Battery storage V:


Cell storage humidity:

Expected external dimension:

Expected lifecycle @ 1C:





Possible integration for remote control

Estimated weight

IP Rating

* under development - price

confirmed no later than 1.2.2021

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