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FULL PRICE: 25,000 kr

* under development - price confirmed no later than 01.02.2021

Deposit will be deducted upon final payment. Payment occurs 14 days before delivery.


3 kw/h state of the art NMC 48 V battery

Low weight, materials in aluminum and plastic
Weight: 15 kg
Waterproof: IP 67

undefinedIt is important to think about speed, adjustment ability and how this affects range. A battery of 3 kw/h will run for an hour if it is run with 3 kw power from the engine. which is half the power on an Impulse 6 (but not necessarily half speed). Here we recommend using our app to find the sweet spot. Our experience is that a 3 kw/h package lasts longer than one might think. This is because it is rarely run at full power. If you want to use full power over a longer period of time on an Impulse 10, we recommend two batteries. And for maximized usability we recommend our specially developed cable to connect these - a battery delivers 90 A continuously (70% of maximum power on an Impulse 10 - two batteries will each deliver 65 A at maximum power in an Impulse 10).

Max. CV: 58V
Max. DV: 42V
Capacity @ 0.5C/0.5C: 60Ah
Capacity @ 1.0C/1.0C: 58Ah
Nominal energy content: 3000 Wh
Max. DC: (10s) 120 A
Max. DC: (30s) 100 A
Con. DC: (100-20% SOC) 90 A
Max. CC: (10s) 60 A
Max. CC: (30s) 40 A
My. OP: 0 ° C
Max. OT: 40 ° C
Battery storage temp: 40 ° C-60 ° C (ST, <5 day)
40 ° C-60 ° C (ST, <5 day)
10 ° C-40 ° C (LT, 8Y)
0 ° C-30 ° C (optimal)
Battery storage V: 45 V-58 V (standard OCV)
51 V-56 V (optimal)
Cell storage humidity: ≤ 80%
Expected external dimension: 220 x 120 x 450 mm
Expected lifecycle @ 1C: Over 5,500 cycles
BMS: Included
CAN Enabled
Fuse protection
SOC output
Possible integration for remote control
Estimated weight: 15 kg
IP Rating: IP67


Battery 3 kw/h NMC 48 V

kr27,000.00 Regular Price
kr18,900.00Sale Price
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