Equivalent to a 5 - 7

HK petrol

Impulse Power El Outboard grå ny.png



- Compact and lightweight

- Quiet and user-friendly

- Collaboration with Eker Design


Compact, efficient, user-friendly

Center-centered throttle control - tiltable for easy handling

Dead man's switch


Power, Normal, Eco, Reverse

Adjustable stem for optimal placement

Quiet, highly efficient integrated brushless DC motor

full motor.PNG
full motor 5.PNG

5 tilt positions

Fixed direction locking screw (sailboat)

Flowtrue - active seawater cooling

Cavitation plate / anti-ventilation plate for increased speed, better planing properties and better response from the tilt positions.

Battery powered

"State of the art" Lithium Ion NMC 48V

Information via app

Receive information on consumption, speed and engine temperature. Available in the App Store and Google Play (coming 2021)

Easy setup

Compact, efficient, user-friendly.

Modern design

eker design.png

Bluetooth connection

Easy connection to motor