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TOTAL PRICE: NOK 75 000 Payment occurs 14 days before delivery.


9 kWh state of the art NMC 48 V battery


Automotve "pouch" cells with very long life and energy content

Integrated BMS

Weight: 70 kg

Waterproof: IP 67 (motor connected)

Module-based - can be connected with several batteries

Included charger 5 A

Must be ordered for the engine range to work


Det er viktig å tenke over fart avpassing og hvordan dette innvirker på rekkevidde.  Et batteri på 9 kWh_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_vil gå i 1,5 time dersom det kjøres med 6 kW effekt fra_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_the engine. That is, full effect on an Impulse 10  (but not necessarily half speed). We have measured 35 nm on 1 kW power from the motor - i.e. 9 hours of driving. Adjust speed according to the need for range.


Max. CV: 58V

Max. DV: 42V

Capacity @0.5C/0.5C: 180Ah

Capacity @1.0C/1.0C: 160Ah

Nominal energy content: 9200 Wh

Max. DC: (10s) 180 A

Max. DC: (30s) 180 A

Con. DC: (100-20% SOC) 150 A

Max. CC: (10s) 180 A

Max. CC: (30s) 120 A

My. OP: 0°C

Max. OT: 40°C

Battery storage temp: 40°C-60°C (ST,<5 day)

40°C-60°C (ST, <5 days)

10°C-40°C (LT, 8Y)

0°C-30°C (optimal)

Battery storage V: 45 V-58 V (standard OCV)

51 V-56 V (optimal)

Cell storage humidity: ≤ 80%

Eternal dimension: 250 x 120 x 850 mm

Expected lifecycle @1C: Over 3000 cycles

BMS: Included

CAN Enabled

Fuse protection

SOC output​

Possible integration for remote control

Estimated weight: 70 kg

IP Rating: IP67

Amphenol IP 69 High current connector




Battery 9kWh NMC 48 V

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